House approves Trump impeachment articles

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Finally, an exclusive club he has the proper qualifications to join. He must be so proud.


I don’t think this will change anything but I am glad that it’s going to a vote. I want people to have to go on the record supporting this President.


IIRC someone put it “he finally earned something unrelated to the millions he inherited or stole”

I feel like most average Americans with a minimum of highschool diploma and a desire to act in the best interest of the country, surrounded by advisors and support staff, could probably go 4 years as POTUSA without messing things up too badly at all and certainly not getting impeached.


Well Well Well, looks like Gym Jordan has come around:
"Enough is enough. It’s time to hold (him) accountable for blocking Congress’s constitutional oversight role.”
and Matt Gaetz as well:
"…repeatedly ignored Congressional requests and subpoenas, showing a complete disregard for Congressional oversight authority…His leadership has weakened Americans’ faith in the intelligence community and in seeing justice served; he should be removed immediately.”

oh wait a minute, this is from Jordan’s Official Web Page and refer to a Presser about articles of Impeachment against someone ELSE. Oh well, carry on.


Xeni, that is the perfect picture for this article.

Except he can’t get his just desserts if there’s no McDonald’s apple pie in there.

I don’t think humanity could ever create someone so surreally evil again


As much of a moral victory as this might be for the Democracts, in the end it’s not going to affect much. The Senate is obviously not going to hit the 2/3 majority needed for removal of the President and Fox News is going to lead with the headline “Trump defeats baseless partisan democratic witch hunt. Total exoneration!” And the base will eat it up.

There are already calls from some to impeach Schiff for abuse of power in attempting to subvert the will of the voters. And they want Joe Biden on the stand too because he’s somehow guilty of treason against the President. Propaganda is a hell of a drug.


Merry Christmas!


Is no one going to mention this idiotic Space Force now exists as a branch of the Air Force? (and Democrats allowed this weaponization of space itself forever, just to get parental leave. Important, but these morons really don’t know how to negotiate either)




Yeah but on the other hand, this is an awfully big turd sandwich they delivered to senate republicans.


Still worth it even if the only lasting effect is to put future Presidents on notice that this kind of behavior is not something they’ll get a free pass for. Letting Trump off the hook in the Senate is still less damaging than letting him off the hook entirely.


In the end, it’s not a question of whether it’ll get him out of office, because it won’t. It’s about taking a stand for liberal democracy and forcing Republicans to show where they stand on selling the country out to a foreign power. We already know that most of the GOP will support him and vote for him despite that, but it’s useful to get it on the record.


An easy victory that their base will lap up? I don’t see where this is even an inconvenience to Senate Republicans. Sure they voted to Impeach, but the narrative will be that it’s just Democratic elite trying to undermine the will of the majority of Americans who love Donald J Trump, and will be easily defeated because it was just a partisan hack job all along.

There’s a reason the conservative talking point was “the hearings are too boring, don’t bother tuning in”. Control of the message is #1 priority. Factual truth doesn’t matter in the least so long as you control the message.


And the message is: Go ahead and be as corrupt as you want, Mitch and the entire GOP has your back. It truly is the party of Trump.

There’s almost no chance even a single Republican will vote to impeach or convict, despite overwhelming evidence on the second point (obstruction of justice). The party is entirely beholden to the President and is generously rewarded for it by the partisan hackjobs in the media and in the polling booth.


In the absence of impeachment the message would be “Trump can do anything he wants and Democrats won’t do a damned thing about it so there’s no reason to bother voting for them, nor any reason for future Presidents to worry about abusing the power of the office.”


And of Putin. That’s what it comes down to. Patronage in the GOP has transcended national borders.


Yeah, Democrats have a base too.


How can they do this to a man with bone spurs!


Putting myself into the smelly R shoes, I mean I get not voting for abuse of power (especially since modern republicanism is all about the unlimited power of the executive), but not voting for obstruction? This just does not compute.

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