Bolton book says House impeachment inquiry should have probed Trump beyond Ukraine

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I’m trying to follow the right pattern here, but am not sure if we are supposed to hate Bolton as the war-mongering liar that he is or as a truth-seeking world-building figure fighting against the machine. It’s hard to keep track these days!


Awww, Papa Murdersmurf needs a new royalty check for a second boat.


Huh. If only there had been someone in the know who could have enlightened Congress when these points were salient. /s


No need to parse it like that- he is a worthless piece of shit who fucking hates another worthless piece of shit, and the good people of the world may glean some benefit from them turning on eachother.

Also, I hope everyone steals the fuck out of this book. It’s probably useful information, but Bolton doesn’t deserve to profit any more than he already has.


In the same way that Trump has a magical ability to make George W. Bush seem like an OK president, he makes John Bolton look like a paragon of virtue.



Nah, more than one person can be loathsome at a time. It’s like in Game of Thrones where you want Bolton to die in his scenes, and Joffrey to die in his scenes, and if they’d ever come into conflict, you’d just enjoy the show. Which is the situation with this lawsuit; may each side peck spitefully at the other in court for a thousand years.


If there was a situation wikileaks and was made for, this is it. Some hero at NYT–please leak the manuscript before it gets quashed.


Before it was all over, Goering & Himmler both betrayed Hitler. Neither received any absolution from their last minute change of heart, nor credit for the self-interest which drove it.


And of course, don’t forget that Bolton could have said all of this under oath or simply in interviews back in January when the impeachment inquiry was ongoing >

— Maggie Haberman (@maggieNYT) June 17, 2020

This is what really irks me. Bolton is a fucking coward. Sure good for him for exposing Trump now, but where the fuck was he back then?


Hey, I’m not saying Bolton IS a paragon of virtue, it’s just that Trump moves the Overton window for all normality. For a brief moment you find yourself rooting for one asshole over another. It’s “the lesser of two assholes” theory.


Then WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T HE TESTIFY??? JFC, stop acting as if you’re helpless, here Bolton… if you see something troubling, then DO something about it! You’re supposed to be a public servant, you god damn hack.


I’m hopeful that some interviewer in the near future, as Bolton is out flogging his book to enrich himself, will ask Bolton how he feels about his own decision to climb aboard the Trump disaster-train, and why he didn’t do something to stop it when he had a chance to do it.

Maybe also ask him how he can live with himself now, considering the depths to which the country has sunk, and the vast numbers of people who have been harmed,


I think as much as he dislikes Trump, he hates Democrats even more. Incalculably more. He’d let Trump sell nuclear secrets to Latveria before he’d stoop to giving Democrats the appearance of a political victory.


I don’t think it has to be either or. He can be both a war monger (he is) and someone who wants to tell the truth about something he finds concerning… although the fact that he wrote a book instead of testifying tells us volumes about what his motivations actually are… $$$$$$$$


There was something odd going on. He refused an invitation to testify, but his lawyers were also “dismayed” that there wasn’t a subpoena. They said they wanted it to go to the courts to decide, but why would they care if there wasn’t one? Even they said they just wanted to get it cleared.

My guess is he was aiming to testify. Forced by a subpoena that was then reinforced by the courts, he could unload. Maybe he wanted carte blache to unload without administration interference. More likely it was a CYA move. But there were too many weird signals that his refusals to testify were for show. I was more disappointed the House didn’t follow that thread.


I remember that as well, it was very odd. My guess is that the house was being timid with sending everything to the courts to decide, out of fear that if they got some asshole rightwing judge that rules in favor of Bolton it would have fucked them up.

I’m still disappointed they didn’t fight harder, go to court over every single ignored subpoena, and jailed people until they played ball.


Is testimony to Congress privileged? If he’d testified without a subpoena, could he have been hit with breach of contract, or defamation, or breaking secrecy laws?

(But if that were the case, why would he be OK about putting it all in a book?)