Here's what Congressional Republicans have to gain and lose by impeaching Trump

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Drutman’s conclusion is that “Either way, Republicans are in a terrible situation.”

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But, ultimately, it puts America in a terrible situation.


If the “shadow government”/Bilderbergers/Masons/CFR is really running the world, we would see him taken sick or die from a stroke. That would solve the problem, right?

If the Conspiracy Theorists are wrong, nothing like that will happen.


They Lose

  1. The real possibility that Trump fights back, and hard. If confronted with impeachment from his own party, Trump might react like an angry bear and try to take as many people down with him as possible.

He’ll only take down those who on are on the periphery of his immediate family. Including Bannon AND Kushner. Well, that’s everyone else actually. (so be it)

  1. That the fight over Trump’s impeachment splits the Republican Party…

The party is already split. I would argue that it’s moderates still thinking that they are ‘American’ and the rest, The New Politburo West who would like to think of themselves as Russian style nationalists.

  1. That Trump’s impeachment spoils the Republican brand for at least a few elections to come, maybe even longer. To take him down will require a damning case against him, and perhaps implicate many Republicans. The GOP will be branded as the party of Trump, with all the stink of whatever comes out.

Already Done.


So the party comes first and the country is just there to give the party power.



I had theorized the Republicans would use him to ram through as much legislation as they could and then drop him like a hot potato. But turns out that, even controlling both Congress and the Executive, they’ve been remarkably ineffective at getting any of their favorite new laws passed or their least favorite abolished.

Given that, I dunno. At this point, I’d be very surprised to see the House impeach him, and exceedingly surprised if the Senate actually convicted him. I’d still be pleased, though. Pence is in many ways worse, since he actually believes in his reactionary causes, but at least he doesn’t, through his words, normalize flagrant misogyny and racism in quite the way That Man has done.


Sooner or later?

The obvious answer is later.
The correct answer would be sooner, but what’s that got to do with anything?


Let’s try a little game theory. Option (A) Republicans push ahead with impeachment. Then they get to make sure one of their own is sitting at the helm. Option (B) The required number of Americans remain indifferent and Republicans hold their majority come 2018. Option © Democrats get elected into a majority position, immediately start the impeachment proceedings on Trump and Pence and then get the luxury of putting a Democrat in the White House. So, the question is how much do the sitting representatives believe that (B) is true? Otherwise, there is implicit pressure to move toward (A). It’s oddly in the Democrats interest to drag out the investigation, and have the revelations come out just before the next election cycle. Trump’s actions however have accelerated belief in not having (B), thus (A) or © will happen. Prediction: only some of the Republicans believe they need to push towards (A) which leads to a confused split of opinion in the ranks and muddies the water making sure nothing happens till we find out the truth of (B) or ©.


Option A: Everybody fucking dies.
Option B: Short-term political loss with far-right base.

Not optimistic about which one of those options the GOP is going to go with.


As a democrat/independent I don’t see a downside to the republican “cons”. :slight_smile:

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It’s highly unlikely at this point, but one can always dream.

And don’t forget even if 45 is removed from office, the line of succession doesn’t really inspire any confidence that things will get any better. Maybe if we get a democratic Speaker in 2018 and also get Pence wrapped up in any imaginary impeachment proceedings, the picture will be a bit rosier.


If by “whining” you mean “the one Constitutional check we have against a corrupt, incompetent criminal President creating irreparable damage to the nation and world.”



Glad to see you understand how government works.


Thanks for joining us Mr. Spicer.


Get real. These are the people who knew full well, a year before the election, what a stupid, arrogant, unstable, dangerously erratic pig he is, and they didn’t have the manhood to stand up to him then, before he was in a position to wreck them. You think they’re going to magically grow spines now? They’re not even going to discuss the possibility of impeachment unless they figure it would be aceptable to the midwest bible thumping pinheads who give Drumpf blind, unthinking loyalty like retarded dogs. A really juicy sex scandal is the only thing that might make them put up with impeachment without seeking revenge on other Republicans for taking a swing at their self-appointed short-term Jesus. Clinton got impeached over the possibility that he might have gotten a blow job. But Drumpf has already confessed to the felony of sexual assault, and the pinheads still stuck with him.


Of course he was referring to a different situation, but I think the quote is appropriate here.


Is there any scenario, any one at all, which would lead you to call for the impeachment of a president? (I’m guessing it includes the word “emails”.)