VC Fred Wilson's prediction: we will have a different President of the United States by the end of 2019

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Fuck that shit. No deal. Send him to jail with his kids. I’m sick of seeing rich crooks buy themselves out of trouble.


No matter how devastating the evidence, I’ll believe that the Senate will impeach the shaitgibbon when I see it. We’ll be stuck with him for two more years, and he’ll get voted out of office.


Yes, I agree with geoduck. That’s the problem with “the left” as GOP voters like to group everyone else that doesnt fall in line with them. The “left” keeps thinking that doing the perceived right thing or taking the high road will ultimately prevail for them. Now take a look at what happened to the supreme court and the hold out that happened. That should give you a clear picture of how future decisions / actions will be. Those that voted for Trump and the Senate that stands behind him do not care about ethics or right or wrong. Their ideology has fallen so far away from what is best for the country or fellow American, that I see no movement happening no matter how horrible a report is about illegal, immoral and unpatriotic the actions may be.


Can’t they indict Pence first? If they get the timing just right, we could end up with President Pelosi.


I have 2019 in the office pool.

I’m not sure that Mueller will go back decades in his report - he’s referred things outside of his scope to other prosecutors.


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I genuinely do not understand all of this faith in the outcome of the Mueller investigation. As if we have some history of rule of law applying consistently to the upper echelons of American power.


Still waiting for the results of this prognostication:


I’m also perplexed by the idea that the Mueller report will contain something that the Senate and/or the GOP at large will look at say “oh, now we have to ditch this guy.” They’ve been laying the groundwork for ignoring the report for some time now–turn on any random segment of Hannity/Limbaugh/Ingraham et al and you’ll soon hear them railing about Peter Strzok or how there’s nothing to this investigation other than the Steele report which was created by Clinton. Half the country is ready and eager to see the Mueller Report just to shout it down with the talking points they have ready.

We’re so far into uncharted waters here that anyone who says they’re confident of any outcome is full of shit, but I think it’s not unlikely that Mueller lays out evidence of all manner of crimes that would result in any other President immediately resigning in disgrace, and the GOP decides that before they can act they have to investigate the investigation and launch an independent counsel to critique Mueller that will take a year or two.


The economy would have to get a lot worse for Trump to lose the Senate; McConnell won’t break ranks for anything less than another Great Depression. Nor do I see Trump as empathetic enough to cut a protection deal for his kids if it means he suffers any personal embarrassment. I think we’re stuck with him, but I truly, madly, deeply hope I’m wrong.


I don’t understand how we are going to get rid of Putin from here.


Trump is gonna die in office. Might be before 2020, might be well after 2024, but he’s gonna die in office.


I suspect he’s right on the conclusion, but not on the path to it. With a Democratic House, Trump’s lickspittle Congress is over and he’s not going to have Hear No Evil, See No Evil, and Speak No Evil for the coequal branches of Government running interference for him.

2019 is not going to be fun for him any more – especially since the House holds his travel allowance.


I believe this is a possible outcome, but have no idea of the actual likelihood. I hope it happens, though, because I think Pence would be easier to beat in 2020.


Wishful thinking from the investor class now that the regime’s incompetence, irresponsibility, and corruption is costing them real money.

Nixon, whatever else he was, wasn’t a deranged narcissist (the self-loathing was strong in that one). Il Douche’s ego won’t allow him to resign before his first term is up.

As for the GOP establishment, that pack of opportunists and cowards have been enabling the regime from the beginning. If it wasn’t clear enough, their vicious reaction to Romney’s latest trial balloon should leave no doubt that the GOP only cares about remaining in power by whatever means necessary to push through its anti-statist greedpig agenda.

The Mueller report will be met from the right with disinformation campaigns and cries of “fake news”. If it’s really really damning Dolt-45 will start a war with Iran or North Korea as a distraction going into the 2020 election (where there’s a very real chance he wins, war or no war; there’s also the possibility he’ll dump Pence as his running mate and put Ivanka in instead).


Yawn. OK, yeah sure. I’ll believe it when I see it. I am not going to get my hopes up until it actually happens. This speculation could have been written last year. It’s like people who keep putting Kirk Douglas in their Deadpool. Only Kirk will actually die at some point… Not convinced Trump will face any real consequences, at least while in office.


You’ll have to convince Pence.