Even Republicans are trending towards impeachment

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How many own-the-libs republicans are hoping for impeachment because they bought the snake oil the impeachment would be good for Trump?


So like is there any realistic way for GOP politicians to come out against Trump without completely throwing the administration under the bus? Seems to me once it starts to swing, it will have to swing really, really hard.


Here’s the source: https://morningconsult.com/2019/09/26/voter-support-for-impeachment-grows-amid-ukraine-scandal/


Impeachment is needed so we can…ya know…get the damn truth! We need actual answers.


I was wondering if maybe the Republicans that want him impeached don’t think he can win again and want to put a different candidate in.


At least that would show some move from a civil-war attitude towards a we-need-to-be-palatable-to-others attitude.


My personal bet is on this. I think there might be an “Ok, lets do this NOW, get it over with, and field a different candidate who can win”

When your candidate becomes a liability, you change your candidate. How much of the republican megacorp is prepared to hitch their bets on folks that just won’t vote for their candidate, but otherwise agree with their policies?


I don’t care about the polling. Do the right thing and make the case with an overwhelming preponderance of evidence.


As much as I’m in favour of getting rid of Trump, I actually think that’s a bad group to rely on. There’s only five of them and they all have cable news shows. I think the main lesson of Trump is that movement “conservatism” just doesn’t exist. People who really believe in conservative fiscal policy need a college education to understand it but have to also have not let their education make them realize it’s bullshit. The southern strategy and the merger with the evangelical movement was about transforming the Republican party into the authoritarian party, and it worked.


If Pence is (somehow) not also impeached, he could run for re-election twice, as it’s well into 2019.

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On a related note, has anyone followed the absolute BULLSHIT reporting* by the NY Times where they interview supposed “swing voters” to gauge Real America’s feelings on impeachment? The only problem was that these people were all Trump supporters, some fervently so, all of whom had been recycled from previous NYT articles about the supposed swing voters we should all care so much about.

Just remember on any reporting on this how much the media mis-characterize what “undecided” actually means when wagging their fingers at Democrats about how they should be cautious.

*and I use that term extremely loosely


Yeah, that sliver of 10% support for impeachment is going to get plenty of Republicans in the Senate to vote to remove Trump from office. Especially when you consider that some of that 10% is people that think an impeachment fight in the House will HELP Trump.

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I was wondering about Pence. I get that if Trump is impeached he takes over, but what happens for the next election? Does tradition say he’s the candidate?

Frankly, I think Pence is easier to beat than Trump.


Having your president impeached is kind of demotivating for voters. But nothing would bring the republicans to ballot box like President Pelosi.


They will still need to primary and get the RNC vote. A few sitting presidents (although none in recent history) and VPs (most shockingly was FDR’s VP Henry Wallace) were forced to withdraw after losing the party’s confidence during convention. What has never happened is the sitting president losing a primary, although Ford came close and LBJ withdrew. Generally, if you win the primary process you’re a shoe-in for the convention vote.


Well, it’s a start. By which I mean a starting point for gathering more support as the case is publicly made.

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At this point no one has a sufficient organization to defeat a sitting “president” Pence for the nomination (Walsh and Weld are essentially non-entities). And given that he’s the main reason for the evangelical fervor behind Trump – which rivals even that for the previous GOP occupant – as well as the general intransigency of his base at large, the general election results would be effectively the same.


The calendar seems awfully tight. Like if impeachment goes really fast and Republicans decide they are better off without Trump, it’ll still take a while to get Trump out. And that would leave Pence president, but if it doesn’t happen until after the first primary then Pence wouldn’t really have much of a chance to run. If the goal is to actually oust Trump I think they need to move very fast, since around January I think even Republicans who are sure that Trump is a liability might be hestitant to vote Trump out. If it waited until after the convention and Trump was the official nominee I don’t even know what the consequence of removal from office would be for the election - Trump would still be running. It’d be utterly insane.


There’s a person out in Texas who mistakenly signed up on a lot of Web sites with one of my e-mail addresses. I’ve set most of them to go to spam, but today one slipped through from his/her GOP Rep. polling his constituents on approval for impeachment (I voted Yes, of course). So there’s some testing of the waters in this regard.