Penthouse magazine no longer to be printed

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didn’t even know they were still around. oh well.


Maybe they could print new issues by carving pictures into potatoes, and ink-stamping them onto stapled sheets of paper. It could be a locally franchised community project.


Well at least we’ve got Caligula on Blu-Ray.


I thought they’d gone out of business years ago.

Full disclosure (no pun intended):
I know who Arthur Blythe​ is thanks to an article about him in Penthouse.

Nat Hentoff used to write for them, too.

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Dear BoingBoing Forum…


…I never thought this kind of thing really happened, until one night when I thought I was alone in the office…


Penthouse shuts down five days after Al Jazeera America. A missed opportunity to combine resources for efficiency.



…this needs to happen.

Tangent: when I was making cheese, I would wax the loaves. Then I started making stamps to press in the wax. They were usually wildlife or something like that, but Erotic Cheese Stamps just sounds yummy.




I am sure Helen Mirren did everything in her power to prevent that from coming to be. Including entreating dark Lovecraftian entities to devour the remnants of the Guccione family

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As far as the print copies go I wonder how complete the collections of the 31 holding libraries in WorldCat are.

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If they’re anything like the Bodleian library at Oxford University they will be complete. I do know that they have a copy of The Pop-Up Kama Sutra there.


My God I am devastated! Please pardon me while I go put on some Brahms and a black armband.


Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble, but I just talked to Kelly Holland, who oversees Penthouse magazine, and she assures me that the magazine version will continue to be printed with no end in sight. The digital edition will be IN ADDITION to the magazine, and will feature more up-to-the-minute content. Subscribers to the print edition will get a free sub to the digital version; those without a print sub can subscribe to the digital version by itself.

Mark Kernes, Sr. Ed., Adult Video News


I do think that their contribution to erotic “literature” is probably as or more important than their role in the 70s hardcore-ification of porn.

The July 1976 issue of Penthouse (Special Bisextennial issue!) was the first “dirty” magazine I ever saw, thanks to my youthful curiosity outmatching my older brother’s ability to hide something. I only share this because looking up the cover and seeing the articles advertised, I see some things never change: “The American Way of Upward Failure”. I’m very curious what examples they were using in 1976. Shows how my tastes have changed, I really do want to read the articles now!


I assume it would be “reimagined” as a website featuring porn and some articles behind a paywall. Sounds like a solid business model.

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I’m guessing that most Penthouse readers with fingers are more than familiar with the power of a digital experience.

" … will continue to be printed with no end in sight."

That’s not going to help sales.


Back when our neighborhood, and the neighborhoods around it, were still fairly new (surrounded by prairie; junk mail was still addressed to “rural route”):
I can remember finding a stash of Penthouse in a burned-out farmhouse, as well as another collection under some brush next to some woods. (The latter included swingers’ directories – I was 11 and had to figure out that’s what they were. Lots of “stub” descriptors.) Most likely some other kid had simply attempted to hide them, but right in that immediate vicinity, I was told that someone had exposed himself to a younger kid, and another was molested. All of that was hearsay, but later on it made me wonder if someone had left the magazines as a lure. A few years later when I was about 16, I was riding my bike through another new neighborhood and there was a Playboy on the side of the street. Not even hidden, just lying out in the open. No other houses nearby (and not yet under construction). I figured I couldn’t even get it into the house without being noticed, so I passed.