People are selling Moderna COVID-19 vaccine bottles on eBay. They're empty though.

I mean I unironically collect things like this. Not a lot of them, just one or two keepsakes to have years down the road where we can all go whew, remember that?

That said, if this thing truly is an endemic and is going to require yearly booster shots forever, and we’re not going to eradicate it soon, I don’t think it’s really going to need a keep sake. People aren’t going to forget this in my lifetime or any kids of mines’ lifetimes.


I mean, this whole year has sucked donkey balls, but I think it’s kind of cool that – for the next 70+ years of my kids’ life – as they travel the country and the world, they’ve got a calling card cum talking point with every other person on the planet. The commonality of the experience will be a unifying thing long after I’m gone.

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I’m hoping this gets parlayed into unification in handling global warming, which will honestly make COVID-19 look like a wonderful time in comparison.

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Preachin’ to the choir, brother

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not a friggin chance, pop

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As of today (2021 03 19) either most of the eBay auctions were completed or they were pulled. As of now there is one box (noted in the article) and one bottle available for sale.

The following items can be sold:

  • Vintage or collectible medical devices, but listings must state that these are not intended for use

    A statement that the item has been cleaned and handled in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
    Source: eBay’s rules for listing medical equipment

There are all sorts of rules eBay has listed why something can be listed or what can’t. Above is one rule as to why it could be listed and one that lists why it may be prohibited as the manufacture may have no rules for cleaning, or the instructions for proper disposal of the item precludes it from being cleaned, for instance if it has to be handled as sharps, destroyed, or return to the manufacture.

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