People in crowds do spontaneously de-evolve into subhuman beasts


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the more research the social sciences conduct, the less the idea of a mindless, animalistic mob seems to be true.

It’s weird that the headline says the opposite of what the body says. Weird, but funny!


It’s Schrödinger’s Mob.


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It’s true!
Here’s a cross section of an average crowd:

Notice how the deeper one gets, the more sub-human they become.


police forces and governments should be doing instead of launching tear gas canisters from behind riot shields which actually creates the situation they are trying to prevent

Police forces and governments become what they expect to encounter: a mindless, angry mob without any sense of personal responsibility.


Stop following me!


Not spontaneously, no. Achieving subhumanity takes planning.


Two’s company, three’s a (possibly subhuman) crowd, [UNK], five’s a band


Are we so sure the actual plan is prevention or is it possible that incitement is the agenda? It seems to me that if you have a group angry at the government for whatever reason, you can discredit the group by inciting violence within that group - such as the job of the agent provocateur.


URL and BBS headline say “do”, main title says “do not”. Probably a typo, fixed partially.


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