People who detox from Facebook become less likely to believe fake news, says new study

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“Water is wet? What is this nonsense you say!”


Next up: “Fire is actually hot!”




Add me to the list of people who are shocked that stepping out of the cesspool eventually ends one’s person being constantly covered in poop.


That’s interesting to me since “bots” seem to be more a thing on Twitter – on Facebook, it’s real people you know resharing the conspiracy content.

(Given the narrative of those dastardly Russians tricking ppl vs… GOP running a populist who just says it all out loud and entitled fascists lapping it up)

It’s both. I know it’s an edgy “contrarian” position to claim that Russia has nothing to do with the increasing popularity of far-right leaders in the West, but Putin is putting a lot of money and effort (both human and bot) behind disinformation campaigns to make sure the fascists succeed.



Bots are “a thing” on pretty much every major site, and many local ones as well.


It’s definitely a long standing and ongoing problem.


They are horrible on reddit. You can see them piling up usually with these posts that often use the same verbiage. It’s particularly noticeable with the constant chorus of misogyny there. I don’t even think people are putting human effort into this but if they are it is more on the level of sweatshops full of children arguing for wages in order to “market” an idea or, of course, bots/ai.

It is very VERY obvious when you are a woman because of the concerted and continual effort to break down our society by fueling misogyny and destroying the lives and minds of women wherever they are encountered or even imagined.

I also happen to notice that some of it is very east asian flavored.

We are not up against a few lousy jerks who make noise, we are up against real enemies who want to wear as many of us down psychologically so that they can attack us more easily.

The internet… is such a place now because we are all on it and the cat is out of the bag so to speak in every corner of this earth among all the people who inhabit it.

In the US we are in the middle of a massive disinformation campaign while our government is under attack from within by an insurgency fueled partially by online activity.


Including this one. The moderator spends a lot of time clearing out bot accounts and posts (mostly spammers).

As most longstanding regulars here will remember, we’ve had our own (usually comically inept) visitors from the tr0ll factories in St Petersburg and Moscow.



It is the number one reason the comments, experiences, and even content on small blogs like this have degraded.

It isn’t an accident either. I mean when there is poison in the water the fish die. Alternatively aside from the sustained targeted disinformation campaigns, governments are eager to take heavy control and do as much damage as they can to chip away at pesky criticism, and companies are happy to build sites that use the methodologies born from cattle slaughterhouses to make ad revenue.

The end result… sucks.