Facebook is the primary vector of fake news according to study

“Researchers from Dartmouth College, Princeton University, and the University of Exeter found that around one in four Americans visited a fake news website in the weeks before and after the 2016 election. The study notes that this consumption of fake news was “heavily concentrated among a small group”—almost six in ten visits to fake news websites came from just 10% of Americans, and that those visitors were deeply pro-Trump.”

"The fake news websites were overwhelmingly pro-Trump. Trump supporters were also about three times more likely to visit fake news sites supporting their candidate than Clinton supporters were to visit sites making dubious claims in support of their candidate.

Facebook was a key gateway to fake news, researchers note—something the company initially tried to downplay last year, before pledging to do more to combat it. The study found that Facebook was among the three previous sites visited by users in the prior thirty seconds for 22.1% of the articles from fake news websites. Researchers didn’t find the same pattern for Google, Twitter, or email. “Our results provide the most compelling independent evidence to date that Facebook was a key vector of fake news distribution,” researchers note in the study."

Long story short: it’s primarily old, conversative people who only really know how to use Facebook for most of their online activities with low media literacy rates who absorb fake news.


We will not fall before the forces of hate. We are the side of justice. Together, we will overcome.

By and large in America, Conservatism is a proxy for whiteness. As an institution, it supports a white led patriarchy. It is not only the old who are thr soldiers of spite; online, we see legions of single white dudes crusading against socjus folk.

This is the last stand of white (mediocre) power. And by God, we will break it.

When you see a bro whinging about SJWs, when you hear an Old complaining about PC, know that they hate themselves most of all. They are failures in life. They blame their failures on thr people of colour, on women - but at heart, they can blame none but themselves.

If one of them raises a Nazi salute, punch them. Violence is the only language fascists understand.


Fake news is a red herring though. The malfeasance by legitimate purveyors like the NYT and CNN far outweighed the influence of tiny fake news purveyors.

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