Turns out Bullshit Mountain is just a foothill


Ah, for the days of yore when it was just Tea Party fuckwits and Faux News…


“The Trump Support group consumes the highest volume of junk news sources on Twitter, and spreads more junk news sources, than all the other groups put together.

Holy cow. I would have guessed there was “a clear skew” as the story puts it, but that’s a bigger skew than I ever would have guessed.


Junk in junk out. They are what they eat.


Dammit. Bullshit Mountain is the one I’d chosen to die on. But it’s just a hill!


Civilisation is collapsing under the weight of this stupid arsehole circlejerk…


“Rage against the dying pf the light.”


Just take some more bullshit up with you.


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