People with clown phobia fail to get distressing movie poster banned

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It must have taken a very, very, stiff upper lip to finish that entire assessment in the neutral passive tone of bland bureaucratic functionality. When your docket for the day is “People who are afraid of clowns may be frightened by picture of scary clown” I’m not sure if you laugh or cry.


Clowns everywhere nod to each other, happy their job has been performed.


It’s the unintentionally creepy ones that are the worst.


What about Kringles The Konfederate Klown?

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Ironically, they could have gotten help from actual clowns, who are typically opposed to their profession being portrayed in a disturbing manner.

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Not quite silly-sounding enough to be an actual KKK rank/position. Disqualified.


I’m sure it’s easier to avoid these posters than to avoid the predatory animals bred into grotesque shapes, and said to only be aggressive towords those who are afraid of them, and to only chase those who run from them, even in Britain.

This sounds like a bad sketch off the “Monty Python” show. :worried:

Apparently, they do know.

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Poltergeist is one of my favorite movies, and it contains no clowns.

They built the house on a Clown Burial Ground!
They moved the headstones, but they didn’t move the bodies!



If you read about these groups on the SPLC web site, there is a fair amount of unintentional humor. And they spend a lot of time killing each other in gloriously stupid ways.

Well I’ll be darned.

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