People with implanted neurostimulators are vulnerable to wireless attacks


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Wasn’t this a plot point in an Iain Banks novel… maybe Against a Dark Background?


My dad does engineering consulting for a company that makes pacemakers. Said pacemakers use Bluetooth Low Energy for some reason. This seems like a bad idea, especially considering some of the pacemakers have built-in defibrillators.

…I imagine these things will cause a lot of heartache in the future.


At last we know what’s wrong with Republicans.


I’ll bet that The Terminal Man (1974) doesn’t hold up very well – but it does relate to this thread, so here’s the trailer:


See? Wifi allergies are REAL.


I need tech to stop proving the tinfoil hat crowd right. That would be really great.


Murder by remotely accessing a pacemaker occurred in an episode of Homeland.


People without implanted neurostimulators are also vulnerable to wireless attacks, such as kicks or punches.


security researchers from KU Leuwen

It should be “KU Leuven”


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