Lightning knocks out woman's brain implant


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Lightning has a way of ruining your day.

Hey, that rhymes!


I had lightning knock out a contact because it struck so close, except it wasn’t a contact it was urine. Ok fine, lightning hit so close I pissed myself.


Second Zambesi (to neighbour) Stapling machine, Mr Clarke.


Note to self: before getting any bionic parts installed, make sure they have built in surge suppressors.


Isn’t that the Ms Marvel origin story?


Hmmm - makes me wonder about our cyber-modded human future. And, once we are rather more Borg-like, how a dose of EMP might wreak havoc (well, more than it would ‘normally’, anyway).


Sounds like she was quite lucky that day. I mean, many times I too wish to be struck by lightning.


and brain implants, probably.


“Now, if you’re part of Control Group Kepler-Seven, we implanted a tiny microchip about the size of a postcard into your skull. Most likely you’ve forgotten it’s even there, but if it starts vibrating and beeping during this next test, let us know, because that means it’s about to hit five hundred degrees, so we’re gonna need to go ahead and get that out of you pretty fast.”


:thinking: Pissed himself in the eye?


Would it be considered biological warfare?


It was this whole crazy thing…



Holy shit, I don’t know what I expected under this headline, David - but for some reason, I didn’t expect this.

I mean, it’s really all in there. Yellow press if I ever saw it. Yet, bloody well accurate description.



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