Perl is the most hated programming language


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”Perl is Internet Yiddish.”


I like to say, “Perl is a language for superheroes and sadists”. Amazing that a scripting language can make C++ look less arcane by comparison.


StackOverflow is for copy-and-paste programmers looking for easy answers. Perl is great.


I was really hoping SQL would be in there so I could insult it and people who like it.


I like Perl because everyone else hates it. I can write stuff that nobody will ever try to criticise me about, except for the fact that it’s in Perl, which I can handle with maniacal laughter.


Proof positive.


Maybe so, but Perl before Wine


Perl is a thing of hideous beauty, and I love it for that.


I don’t know anyone who likes SQL per se*. Just that there’s not many other options, just a variety of dialects of SQL and some language features like LINQ which can replace some of the headache of complex queries.

*Except DBA’s. They love anything that they can do that nobody else can do, so they can point to how useful they are.**

**There’s good reasons for this behavior, but it still comes off dickish.


I recall the CS students grousing about Modula-3 back in the day, but I suppose that has been properly relegated to the dustbin of history alongside Fortran and Cobol. Could this be progress?

Guess we need this here.

And for good measure:


FORTRAN is still used plenty in the sciences, though mostly by people who don’t want to learn MATLAB.



Wait, bash is a language?


I found this extremely funny, in that most of my programming for the last 14 years has been in either Perl or VBA… and i don’t hate it. I hate that Microsoft hasn’t enhanced VBA in those 14 years to meet what “real” VB can do, but hey, I get stuff done with little effort, especially if it involves mining documents into spreadsheets or vice versa.

Now if I could only do Perl-style substitutions in VBA, I’d be a very happy camper.


Bourne again scripting hellhole.


Its more like no one is going to re-write hundreds of millions of lines of dusty deck FORTRAN


the financial services industry still runs on COBOL. it will never die.


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I don’t mean legacy code. Plenty still code in FORTRAN. I’m not complaining, I get they don’t want to start using something new.