PETA lobbies against vegan meat subsititue company



Obligatory Better Off Ted reference.

Because we all know that lab grown meat tastes like…despair




The headline is wrong, the Impossible Burger isn’t lab-grown meat, it is entirely plant-based. Vegan. @mr_raccoon, you should change it.

Meanwhile, Peta keeps finding new ways to prove that they are ridiculous.


Goodness grief, does PETA ever take time off from (at this point i’m starting to wonder if they’re a trojan group) being a premier force for wrong on animal welfare worldwide?


I wonder if they are recieving funding from the competitors of their targets.


Done and done


It’s almost as if the organization was purpose-grown in a laboratory to embody the wackiest qualities conservatives associate with liberal advocacy groups.

I wonder how much of PETA is mushroom-based.


veganism just seems like a piece of broccoli, an OREO, and a half a block down the street from the breatharians.




what the fuck? where is that from?


No one on mushrooms would be that irritable.


Supergod” by Warren Ellis.

Ellis is always good for wild and crazy plots, be it novels, comics, films, TV shows, etc.



In the plant-based patty, it helps mimic the red, juiciness of raw beef.

I like some nice medium rare beef now and then, but that sentence made me queasy.


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