Pete Drake's beautiful pedal steel "talk box" tune from 1963, long before Peter Frampton showed us the way

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The one i grew up knowing the most on their use of a talk box was Richie Sambora in the band Bon Jovi. It’s definitely neat to see this tech has been around for so long i had no idea :smiley:

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Good soundtrack to a David Lynch movie.


Kay Kyser and the “sonovox” from 1940 - the speakers go on the outside of the throat rather than the tube business. So unhygienic!

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Those people are (were) very creepy.

And the Omega hair-do. Wow.

I don’t feel like they do.


Hmmm… this is more of a radio track

Interesting aesthetic on the inclusion of non-performing bystanders on stage.

I suppose the variety show format dictated a stage set that tried to pull the audience in by providing fake audience amongst the musicians.

The Sonovox dates from 1939. It was used in lots of movies and commercials, notably Lifebuoy’s “B.O.” foghorn. According to Wikipedia, “Lucille Ball made one of her earliest film appearances during the 1930s in a Pathé Newsreel demonstrating the Sonovox,” but I haven’t seen this.

This is also how teledildonics started.


All (new) things eventually devolve into: Yes but can i also fuck it?

If the answer is no then it is followed by: What do we need to do to fuck it?

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I’m just as amazed at the gilded jacket of the imitation-Ed-Sullivan host.


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Lovely. I wish there was more singing actually.

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