Boombox history


The speaker on that JVC unit isn’t a subwoofer. It’s just a big woofer in a small box. Subwoofers didn’t come into play until the late eighties ‘loud mini truck’ era.

Still, a ten inch speaker on a boom box was a thing to behold.

“the first boombox was made so that you could record from the radio onto the cassette”

Oh how did the recording industry ever survive?


Same. Damn. Thought.

“the history of these “portable” social music machines.”
I think you left out “anti” in that. There was nothing “soclal” about the boomboxes or the sociopaths carrying these damned things around, blasting everything and everyone at ridiculous volume no matter how inappropriate the location or the music.

I was on a bus once in L.A. when four of these socially retarded yahoos each had their own shoulder-mounted cannon blasting away in a confined space on a different station or tape.

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