Petition: don't add all adult sites to the British national internet censorlist


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Since it’s going to happen anyway, wouldn’t it be more effective to add every site there is, so to pollute their database so badly that it’s meaningless?


Such a weird way to try to preserve print media…


the publisher of Playboy in UK will have to re-add nudes?


Good thing UK citizens can fall back on EU human/civil rights legislation and courts … oh wait … never mind.


Censoring porn sites,the best way to popularize the use of tor browser?


well that if we leave the EU and that looking less likely everyday, in the end we wont leave


Presumably this will only be implemented on the largest of the ISPs, so far anyway. BT in particular are well behaved little government lap dogs so they’ll be quite happy to do this and store all your browsing history for 12 months.

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