Phillips Hue dimmer switch kit


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Sweet! Now you can dim your lights from your bed, AND have an open vector for hackers to attack you!


Wait, wait, wait…isn’t Philips the same company BoingBoing was trashing a short while ago for planned obscolescence in bulbs and propietary restrictions in their bulb sockets?


Why did my brain read that as DRUMMER switch kit the first time…


was it Cory?
The Hue line for what it does as far as color spectrum is pretty cool. You can set them up to be a bit more blue in the morning and bit more red in the evenings simulating a more natural lighting so your brain isn’t thinking it is still midday at 10pm.
The whole connecting it to the internet rather than sandboxing it is not the greatest idea though.


That was a different BoingBoing. This BoingBoing thinks it’s a splendid idea and wishes to sell you some!


It may have been Cory. I definitely remember it was about bulbs, though.




Found it. Of course, a Cory post.


I was interested - until I realized that it said “kit” instead of “kilt”. Who is dimmer now? Me for not knowing it was room lighting? Or Philips for missing out on the Tron kilt?


Don’t feel too bad. My first read was Phil Donahue dimmer switch. I shouldn’t have made so many Christmas cookies…


At 78% off! But as I’m not seeing such a discount listed on these, I just can’t be completely certain that I’m getting a near once-in-a-lifetime deal if I act now. Guess I’ll have to pass.


I blame the cannabutter.



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