Phishers trick Mattel into transferring $3M to a Chinese bank

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Wouldn’t it be hilarious if the letter from the FBI was forged, too?


If the police showed such a sense of responsibility and enforcement capability, why is it that this common scam that the FBI knows about has issues with “money that disappears into its banks can never be recovered.”

Maybe the other companies don’t do as much business in Chinese manufacturing? Weird how that works, it’s almost like there’s two levels of police assistance everywhere in the world.


I guess they thought this was
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a game


There was a great article the other day about one of the pioneers of the Fake CEO Scam.

Anybody who would scan Barbie Bucks and post then to the internet is probably a subversive, a communist, and in favor of the overthrow of the government.


3M could not be reached for comment on how they could have been signed over by Mattel.

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