Chocolate thief caught in Thailand




Shocking relevant video game reference today:


Hershey's white chocolate? Punishment enough in itself.


You're not you when you're hungry.


Watch the film about a Thai drug smugglers crazy mix up...with hilarious results!!!


I share his preference for Ferrero Rocher.


Yep but this guy didn't choose randomly. All the stuff he chose is relatively expensive in Thailand and I suspect that was the sole motive behind his choices (especially with all those Ferrero Rochers).

I ate more candy and snacks than I care to admit in Thailand (where I spent six months in total), most from 7-11 (which are about 4x as frequent as Starbucks in major cities in the US are). My preference was for stuff I wasn't familiar with (mainly Thai brands, but lots of Japanese stuff commonly available too), which is all dirt-cheap compared to equivalent prices in the US.

Meanwhile, for stuff like what this guy stole, prices were easily 2-3x what you'd pay at a 7-11 here (and it's already a ripoff here). So equivalent to fancy chocolate that you buy (or steal) for special occasions or to give to your friends. Just like this guy.


Your information about the relative expense of cheap American chocolate bars in Thailand makes him seem like even more of a stone cold criminal. This guy is a pro.


Well the other things is... in Thailand a guy with tattoos like that is 100% a rocher-froid criminal already.

The really amusing thing about this is that this guy is likely a gangster of some kind (most likely in the drug trade) and this is how the police nabbed him. There's undoubtedly an interesting back story here we're missing which could be either more amusing, or possibly tragic, but most likely banal I suppose.


You´re probably right about that.


I like how the one cop is doing a very abu-ghraib-esque "point at the prisoner" thing when I dunno, I probably could have guessed that the tatted up guy with the big eyes, in the center of the frame, who is obviously cuffed under the table, with his ill begotten spoils displayed before him was the crim.


Some thief...he left 100 Grand while making his escape.


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