Spoiled Red Bull heir kills policeman, Interpol asking world for help in catching him


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Good luck keeping him in prison.


killed a policeman in Thailand five years ago

If that were me or you we’d have been sentenced to death.


The “inventor” responsible for inflicting Red Bull on the planet is a billionaire?

We are so fucked as a species.


I would be inclined to boycott Red Bull products. Except you couldn’t pay me to consume them in the first place.


– About half of 'Murica


dragging the officer and the bike behind the fancy car for at least nine feet before stopping.

Is that a typo? Because 9 feet sounds like a pretty immediate stop for just about any vehicle. If the number is accurate, it fails in its attempt to make the crime seem more callous.


With your help, Affluenza can be beaten!


I’m not sure why the “nine feet” was mentioned at all. The crime was in committing a hit and run.


It was recorded to be about 100 yards.


The problem is that he isn’t rich enough and he’s not named Kennedy.


Where’d you find that number? I didn’t see it in either linked article, but it’s possible I missed it.

I think it’s quite tasty, but I also like plenty of things people find to be heinous. Those super hoppy American micro brews, other weird Asian energy drinks, Gin.


Fair enough. I enjoy a well-made drop of gin. And hoppy beers are nice on the rare occasions I’m in the right mood for one. But Red Bull just tastes awful to me, even worse than most soda drinks.


that’s it. you are no longer allowed to use coffee as an avatar…NOPE! Coffee Avatar license revoked!!! :wink:

The reality that this family is ultra rich off this stuff isn’t really surprising. Further, the reality that the 1%er heir is unwilling to take accountability for his actions is also not surprising. If only I could put my finger on another example of a rich privileged spoiled brat? I just…it’s like I know I’ve seen someone like this here in the states but I can’t recall who. So frustrating. SAD!


I mean, to be fair. I like beer which is rated at around 100 IBU’s, but still try to avoid Starbucks. Any coffee you need a ton of cream and sugar to make palatable is bad coffee.


NPR article linked says “several dozen meters” which sounds more like ninety feet than nine feet, so yes, I think that’s just at typo.


I like coffee to be very strong. So I agree sometimes SB brewed coffee is a bit to bitter for me too, but I prefer it to the weak watered down acidic garbage from Dunkin or Horton’s or anywhere like that.

You have to specify what beer though. I prefer stouts, porters, and wheat beers which usually float down around 30 ibu (not always ofc). I hate hoppy beers like those stupid super hopped IPAs that so many micro-brewers think are the bees knees.


Yeah. Those. I like them. ha ha. I realize they are awful, though. An abomination, not unlike how awful Natto is (which I also developed a taste for).

I love the flavor of Dunkin. Just needs to be stronger. I sometimes buy their ground roast and brew it strong.

Not bitter tasting that’s the issue; tastes burned.


The incident happened years ago. I first read about it on BBC News and remembered that it was a lot more than 9 feet.


What I read elsewhere was that he kept going (leaving the wounded/dead cop behind in the road) and then other cops followed the trail of engine fluid on the road from the injured cop to this kid’s mansion where they could see the car with front damage on the other side of the giant mansion gate.