Drunk tourists face 10 years for spray painting ancient wall in Thailand


Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2018/10/19/drunk-tourists-face-10-years-f.html


Cane them!


Never. Do anything. Illegal. In Thailand. Check your shitty behavior at the border.


What a pair of immature assholes. No respect for the heritage of the host country, just their own self centered desire make their little mark. Ten Years is a bit much but boy do they need to come to terms with their actions. Work at local wages to pay for the clean up for one thing and since they behaved on a middle-school level a major research paper from each them, hand written preferred.


Dumbasses. If you’re going to go to another country and break the law. You damn well better be ready to face the consequences under that countries laws.

My bet is they end up having to pay a fine, then get thrown out and never allowed back. But honestly, I hope they get at least done prison time.


Ten years in a thai prison is a lot much. But these two are also morons. I can’t get behind a 10 year sentence but I really do want to see vandals be held accountable. So I’ve got mixed feelings about this.


I read the article expecting it to be Americans.


Given that most Americans do not even own a passport – why?


Must be too young to remember the Singapore spray painter.


Oddly enough… I don’t care feel bad for them. I have to imagine anyone willing to do this has gotten away with enough other dumb shit that this sentence is probably justified.


Lol I think they should be given a choice 10 years or 100 lashes or something.


Floggings for everyone involved!


10 years of prison for paint on a wall and here we have people celebrating that punishment.


Too bad it wasn’t North Korea.


They don’t teach English kids how to spell scouse any more?


The wanton destruction that these drunken idiots inflicted on this wall is now…virtually undetectable for the rest of human history?


Dey don’t do dat, do dey.

ETA … and having looked more closely at the clip, it does look ike ‘scouser’ to me and not ‘scousse’.


Em I bovvered, doe?


That just goes in general but especially don’t be an asshole when in foreign countries. Doesn’t matter where, just don’t be a shithead. Plus there’s quite a few countries where their legal and penal systems are flat out nightmares, no one wants to find out just how bad it can be.


I recall some graffiti on a railway underpass outside of Toronto; “Pusy”, Every time I passed it, I shouted internally; “It’s PUSSY, you idiots!”