Phobic fountain pen repair

Can’t afford any of 'em, esp. not this one …

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It doesn’t look near that pretty now. The metal isn’t anodized or anything like that so it chips through the color from regular carrying around in pockets with keys, change, USB sticks, and what-not but it’s earned its stripes and I love it. :slight_smile:

I know what you mean about that. If I’d thought there would be any instructions out there on repairing that part of a cheap pen that broke on mine, I would have spent hours researching it and watching tutorial videos. There’s something to be said for that process.

Or at least I hope there is. :worried: Otherwise … :laughing:

OMG straight into the deep end in terms of price (at least if google images steered me right … $800 range for a pen!!! D: ). Yeah, you do not want to do that.

Pick up a $10 cheapo on the big orange site with the A or on Ebay or something (like I did with the parker knockoff … I mighta paid 8 for that). It won’t last as long as the Ohto, a Lamy, or even one of those Pilot Metropolitan pens (which died tragically and ignominiously after an appallingly short life) but it’ll be fun and a great way to enjoy wet ink. (None of the pens mentioned in this paragraph are considered expensive … but I really can’t see paying more than $40 on a pen unless it lasts a lifetime. And I agree even $40 is a lot to pay for a pen.)

Ball points are cheap and convenient but they make writing a chore (and, for me, physically painful after not very long at all). In comparison, even a crappy fountain pen glides over paper effortlessly.


I love that part the most. Most tech books are like cookbooks … collections of recipes. It’s tough to find good writing about first principles. There are some simple ideas about why nibs work. Someone has written about it well at some point.

I can’t afford it. But I’d love to write with the Cartier. And I’d probably bend the nib. Or drop it on the screen of my phone.


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