Phoenix cops arrest prostitutes, detain them without trial in churches, pressure them to take deals without access to lawyers




And politicians in Arizona want laws banning sharia, yet this is allowed to continue?


But this is different because it's in the name of Jesus! So that makes it better!!


Seems like Maricopa County has problems with due process, and, in general, the US Constitution. They seem to lead Arizona, and the US, in this way.


I suggest a new state motto for Arizona: Forward, into the past!


Lean Backwards.


No, no. Jeebus wrote the Constitution, so only he can inform those true beliebers in Arizona via their prayers about what he actually intended. Everyone knows that due process is just a socialist conspiracy by liberals and prostitutes to subvert America's godliness and to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids.


Do they have a separate set of rules for gay prostitutes?


woa! does that exist?


What The Fuck is UP with Arizona anyways? What country are they in?


Not seems, not problems, ignores.

Arizona is a failed state. The Feds should stage an intervention. Arrest Arapaio and his deputies, take them to Gitmo.

Should seize the church as well for evidence.


Those prostitutes are lucky they're in Arizona! They could have been in New Mexico!


The US of A desperately needs a constitutional amendment akin to Section 24.(2) of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom, so as to introduce the concept of "...bringing administration of justice into disrepute".

Have those people no shame?


I'm reminded of the "Parade of Prostitutes" in DC back in '89


Hey, why no forced religion for the johns who can't keep it their pants? Without demand, there is no business.


They have no shame. They quite literally have none. They believe that everything they do is Right because
1) They have money and power
2) They personally represent the will of Dead Jew Onna Stick
3) Their victims are Black, Latino, women, prostitutes, poor or non-Christian which means sub-human


March. March.
Forward! To the caves!


They are refused admission.


Dead Jew Onna Stick.



America, where people hate sex work, and trans women of color. This is par for the course. This is how trans women of color and sex workers are treated all over the country. We can point and laugh and say "haha Arizona" but you can hear these stories all over if you listen for them.