Phone Call from Paul: new literary podcast from Paul Holdengraber, with Neil Gaiman

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No thanks. I heard Holdengraber’s NYPL live interview and it was one of the worst Gaiman interviews I’ve ever heard. Not because of anything Neil said, but because Paul cut him off at least a half dozen times, just as Neil was about to go deeper into a really interesting point, to expound on one of his own insights or experiences. I.E., not listening to a Neil Gaiman interview to hear what Paul Holdengraber has to say.

I gave it an earnest try but the audio quality was too grating. Pity, because Gaiman’s fascinating and wonderful to listen to; what a voice he has.

Jeez, that sucked. Interviewer tip: shut up and let the interviewee talk, that’s what he’s there for!

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