Author Neil Gaiman visits a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan


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Don’t forget that this tragedy is brought to you by the American CIA, who continue to fund and arm religious zealots to prolong the violence and bleed Iran’s political partner just because.

I’d be interested in hearing more about these allegations. Given the history of the CIA, they seem reasonable enough, but then Assad must have something to do with it, too.

Did he charge them 45,000 dollars?

A few months ago, Neil Gaiman came to our small town to give a free lecture and signing as a prize to our local children’s book shop (which won a Graveyard Book-related contest). He stayed until past 1:00 in the morning so that all 1600 people who came could get their books signed and have a picture opportunity with him (over five hours of signing). He was unfailingly kind and polite to every single person who waited in line to meet him, and even personalized his autographs (not just a scrawled “Neil Gaiman”). Did I mention he did this for free? He then flew to another town the next day to do the same thing all over again for the other bookshop that won the contest.

But, yeah, unless you have something negative to say about someone or something pedantic or contrarian in reference to a post, etc. – why say it at all, huh?


Here, it was on the news.

The thing that’s not talked about is a) that they’ve already been there since before the civil war, encouraging it b) that the US foreign policy machine promised some of these rebel groups that they would get a say in any post-Assad gov’t and c) that this is how America does business with everyone who is not a European country or China.

This absolutely happened in Libya too. It is a playbook they run, a normal process.

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