Neil Gaiman will read the Cheesecake Factory menu if we raise $500K for the UN High Commission on Refugees

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Correction: Gaiman has only pledged to read Fox in Socks if the fundraiser hits $1 million.

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Right you are!

@doctorow @Carla_Sinclair got here first

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Gnargh! Stupid book tour! I keep missing stuff! (but thanks for letting me know!)


Is it just me or should the Cheesecake Factory just pay the money? Seems like a win/win and they get free advertising.


They could solve the whole issue by just having cheesecake factory add Freezy Cheese Trees with Fleas to their menu although having fleas on your menu might be a bit of a turnoff…Maybe muddled battle beetle poodle noodles instead?


[quote]he’d follow up with a reading of Dr Seuss’s Fox in Socks if the funds hit $1m[/quote]I would have gone with some variety of live ambient drumming accompaniment.

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