Watch Ellen punk Michelle Obama while she's signing books at Costco

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“They go low, we get high.”

Roger that!


As of the last 2 years…you almost have to.


“when they go low, we get high” = best campaign slogan 2020.




Sigh…that friend.

I have to say, though, probably one of the very few celebrity books that didn’t require a ghostwriter.


Speaking of books and signing, I am going to see an Evening with Neil Gaiman tonight. I think he will be selling signed books.

This has little to do with the original post, but I just wanted to brag.


Where? I always check all of his books in any airport gift shop I may find myself in.


Lawrence, KS.

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Wow, where? I love Lawrence. :slight_smile:I’ve left a significant amount of my take-home income at The Raven over the past few years.

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If anyone’s wondering why…

Apparently it’s another cool thing that he does. (I’ve got a signed 1st ed. “Angels and Visitations” [since Mister44 started the brag :slight_smile: [not from an airport though])

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And then there’s a run on the store by greedhounds who turn around and sell them on eBay. He should have just not tweeted about it so the average customer could find a nice surprise.

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She’s a delay-fish.

Had a book tour type thing. It was a Q/A from written questions, usually with a short anecdote, followed by reading an excerpt from a book or a speech he did about libraries.

Delightful storyteller. Wonderful reading voice. Reminds me that I should read more of his stuff, as I can’t think of anything I have read of his that I didn’t care for. Also, evidently, there is a professor at KU who isn’t too shabby herself in the writing department. (I think this was her, link below.)

So I did end up getting a signed copy of a book, and bought one for my friend who waiting in line a month ago for tickets. Place was packed. I had to leave a little early, unfortunately, as I had an hour drive home and work today.

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Agreed, Mister44. Saw Neil at a similar event a couple of years ago in Park City, where he read a long chapter from “Omens” and it was mesmerizing. I have listened to his audiobook version of “The Graveyard Book” a dozen times, and could listen to it a dozen more and never get tired of his voice characterizations. I tried the “full-cast” version last year, and stopped after the first chapter. It wasn’t even close to being as good.


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