Photo: Adorable tiny baby's foot is adorable, tiny




Is it normal to have the impulse to bite infants on their chubby arms and legs?


Yes, actually, it is.

Not when they’re 15, however.


This one does look particularly scrumptious.


‘Hominid tasting’ is a perfectly normal quality assay procedure. Nothing to worry about. However, it is considered poor taste not to at least enter a bid for the hominid if your tasting is more than perfunctory. Keep that in mind.


How much for the little girl?


About three months and I’ll be able to attempt to recreate that shot.


Seriously that photo reminded me of how long it’s been since I nibbled on baby toes.


Me too :slight_smile:


“My face is up here, you know.”


Nothing wrong with that. Why would that be weird?

It’s odd that it’s so much of a thing that it’s become an idiom in some languages. German speakers sometimes say “Ich hab dich zum fressen gern” (I love you enough to eat you up) while English speakers could say “You’re so cute, I want to eat you up”. Persian speakers say to cute kids that a mouse should eat them (“moosh bokhoradet”), but threaten to eat other loved ones’ liver themselves (“jeegaretō bokhoram”).


My version, with my then-9-day-old.


Reminds me of when I used to sell shoes. You would not believe how many women have hairy hobbit feet.


Second-hand ones?


Yay, I hope everything goes really for you.


You too :slight_smile:


It does seem to be a horrifyingly common affliction.


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