Why people have the urge to squeeze cute animals to death


Whaddaya mean “WE,” sicko?
We’re not ALL Lenny from Mice & Men.


It’s an interesting thought, and I wonder how it will pan out.

I always thought this drive was somehow related to the desire incorporate that adorableness into one’s self. Kind of a case of “This is a such a desirable quality, and it makes people like you, how do I make it my own?” I guess in a way, I relate it to ancient cultures drinking the blood of their fallen enemies to take on their strength. To me it seems that people want to “capture the adorable” for themselves, and the cuter you are, the more they want ya!

In Of Mice and Men, Lennie really seems to only aim to be close to that which is soft and cute (I realize that ends up in multiple deaths). He insists that he just wanted to pet the mouse, not do it any harm. When George talks about the rabbits, there’s hope that they will be large enough for Lennie to care for them without hurting them. It’s a false hope, but Lennie wants softness and kindness in his life. He’s at odds with the reality of his situation, and what he hopes it could be.


NOT a shared experience.


It seems to be an oral impulse for me, it’s all about biting, and excessive cuteness makes me have to clench my mouth shut.

Their methodology is deeply flawed. The experience of looking at a cute picture while murdering bubble wrap is really not the same as murdering your very own cute animal.


i.e. “Oh aren’t you so cuuuuuuute! I just want to eat you all up!”

You and pretty much everybody’s creepy Aunt/Mom’s friend etc…

heart heart heart like heart like like like like heart like. like.

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I aim to please when disturbing is involved.

At least I don’t have any cute living creatures. I can squeeze non-living cuties as I want, and they won’t get hurt and die. :wink:

Tex Avery pretty much sums it up in “Lonesome Lenny”. http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x1zp35_lonesome-lenny_fun

In fatal cases of child abuse, especially with infants and toddlers, there are often adult bite marks. It’s so common there must be some sort of biological basis.

…and then there’s people that choke the chicken.

Filipino’s have a word for this emotion, ‘Gigil’ (pronounced ‘GHEE-ghil’). Its funny how I didn’t recognize it as ‘a thing’ until I had a word for it.


I wonder if the idea of counterbalancing the positive emotion with negative is what leads guys to turn over and burn cars after their hometeam ballsports wins.

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