Photographer sues Getty Images for $1B because they're charging for pix she donated to LoC


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Here’s hoping that she wins and copyright law is changed as a result of it!!

Why are you all laughing? It could happen right?


Couldn’t have happened to a nicer company.


Actually it could happen, if the case reaches the Supreme Court.


Gosh, winter looks nice right about now.


Like this’ll stop. Estelle Getty doesn’t care who she hurts!


Oh my universal non-deity, how I hope this ends in the chance to express some thankful schadenfreude…


The photographer will likely win but be awarded a much lower and reasonable amount. Though the $1B lawsuit is probably intended to garner attention and embarrass Getty into a settlement


What do you mean?

This seems like a perfectly reasonable amount to ask for in a copyright lawsuit. Just ask the RIAA/MPAA.



Fuck Getty, and fuck their lawyers extra hard.

When Getty sued me a few years ago, the copyright lawyer I spoke with said that 90% of his cases deal with Getty or their subsidiaries. “Don’t fight them. They’re basically a legal company that also happens to license photos.”


Guh. Paywall. How is this news if it doesn’t exist anywhere but one place?


I can imagine Doctor Evil right now, pinky firmly in place on the lips saying “One BILLION dollars.”


Provided we ever get another Justice on there. Stupid GOP!! This is why we can’t have a nice country!


Here’s a non-paywalled article about this:



yeah! but why stop at a billion? I think a trillion dollars would be more appropriate


Came to see this.
Am now happy.


You owe me the expenses of getting all this coffee off my screen.


Sue me.


It’s another hungry mouth to feed
At The Getty