Goldeneye: a copyright troll that's all talk and no trousers


from the article:

The only money she had in the world was around £1,500 in savings and now this company wanted a third of that.

thanks google: 500 pounds to dollars + :mag_right: =

500 British Pound Sterling equals
818.85 US Dollar

not on me.

It goes without saying that a porn studio is “no trousers.”

“GoldenEye are a company who just send letters to people to try and threaten and bully them into paying money, but do not take it any further. It was just like a game of poker to me as they were bluffing all the time so I played the game and won as I didn’t back down to their demands”

Getty images plays the same game sending out thousands if not tens of thousands of threatening extortion letters over the past decade and last I checked they had taken a total of two people to court.

Funny how everyone ignores it when Getty Images dose it on a much larger scale then these porn trolls.

It’s really just extortion, isn’t it?


Somebody once threatened to sue me for $500. I just got out my calculator and figured the minimum a corporate attorney would charge to actually appear in court… and ignored the threat. I almost sent their letter back with BRING IT ON scrawled across it.

It’s not at all the same thing. The porno copyright trolls send out these letters to anyone using an IP address that matches a list of people in a torrent swarm.

Getty is sending letters to people who repost images on their blogs, websites, facebook etc. where it’s actually possible to verify that someone has stolen work posted.

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