Photographers invite brave brides and grooms to wear their wedding clothes underwater. The results? Spectacular


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@CarolineSiede I came here to say: surely you don’t really need to resort to a click-baity title format to attract an audience for a post? And then I realized this is just the Buzzfeed article with less writing and different pictures.

Thanks to Oh Joy Sex Toy I can only see this as “wetlook”…


Not to be an alarmist, but those dresses can get heavy when waterlogged…

I was just about to say the same thing. Another article on BB today used the phrase “one simple trick”. Is clickbait-speak invading all writing now?

A diver with a knife and and an extra scuba tank? Such things can be prepared for, given a sufficient budget.

Pantazopoulos slipped, fell and was dragged away by a strong current with no warning. Had she planned to enter the water, someone would have already been in the river, ready to grab her.

She didn’t just get swept away alone. The photographer was in physical contact with her for a while but couldn’t save her. And of course precautions can be taken. That was the whole reason for my post. It wasn’t “don’t swim in a wedding dress or you will die,” it was, “be careful, some wedding dresses can become surprisingly heavy.”

I would totally do this, if I could still fit into my dress from 8 years ago.

You won’t believe how this one guy gets around clickbait using one weird trick.

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