Photos from RuPaul's DragCon

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Gosh, I love a good mutant hootenanny.

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This is awesome :smiley:


Yea, I’m not really into drag as an art form or as entertainment, but those are some great costumes…


Drag isn’t for me but i’m all for rooting for those that are into it. This con looks pretty great, i hope it was fun for all of those that participated.

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They look good, but how fast are they over the Standing Quarter?

i hope it was fun for all of those that participated.

If it wasn’t, then there is something wrong with the universe.

If one place in the universe should be fun, it would be a drag convention!

Look who was there!

I’ve heard from artist friends and cosplayers that some conventions are less friendly than others, there could be some poor planning for the con, or drama behind the scenes. You never know. But this looks like a blast so i hope it truly was :smiley:

I saw the first pic, and thought “Yay, an article about Cirque du Soleil!”

Pretty sure that there are some makeup jobs just a waiting for these lovely drag queens!

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