Photos of actors playing historical figures


That’s really good, and a nice idea, but I feel like I owe the guy my life for turning me on to ‘Pitch n Putt with Beckett n Joyce.’ Holy fuck.


Since when is Graham Chapman’s “Protestant Man Bragging About Contraceptive Rights” character from Meaning of Life meant to be explorer David Livingston?
(See set 3.)

I noticed one major omission from the “Einstein” bunch. Plenty of actors have played Albert Einstein, but how many have the acting chops to play him as a Tasmanian apple farmer who split atoms with a chisel and invented Rock & Roll?


At first I read that as Poitier playing both Mandela and De Klerk, which would have made for one heck of a film.

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I was a little disappointed he was not included in their Saddam lineup:



Did he not stop to think there might have been a better place to hyphenate that name?

Yeah, some of the photos he uses don’t show the actor in the correct role. Another problematic one is Grover Cleveland, which shows Wilford Brimley wearing modern clothing and eyeglasses.

That’s Edgar Allan Poe (though his name could be changed to Allen in some movies, I believe).

Let me just save your time with the presidents and say that nothing beats William Shatner in a powdered wig as John Adams.

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I realize these lists aren’t meant to be exhaustive but at first glance I see two omissions. Tim Roth as Vincent Van Gogh in Vincent and Theo and Nigel Terry as King Arthur in John Boorman’s Excalibur.


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