Photos of awful Bart Simpson bootleg t-shirts


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Haha! I have a Black Bart shirt just like this one. Mine’s totally pristine, because frankly there’s a limited number of places you can wear it without embarrassing your entire family.


My favorite bootleg Bart, by far, isn’t in this collection. It was drawn by a local friend whose dad had a screen printing shop. Imagine a line drawing of Bart, Calvin and Jeffy from Family Circus, with the three of them doing the nasty, outlined in the Family Circus circle. Bart was the bottom, of course.

One of my friends actually wore it in public.

Wow, I remember these.

Man, Bart really hates Iraq. For, you know, doing all that bad stuff to us.

Oh lordy, Bart stuck in the crack, haven’t seen it in ages.
Although the t-shirt I remember has the lady saying: “Bart, where the hell are you?”

OK, there it is:

I remember a shirt very much like what you describe, though there was no Family Circus circle, and Jeffy was the bottom (I think). This was a shirt sold on my college campus (in NM) as a fund-raiser, and I thought it had been drawn by a student there. Could the shirt I’m talking about have been a knockoff of yours, or vice-versa? Or are we talking about the same shirt? This was back in 1991.

I had one for years sitting in my drawer, but I was too embarrassed to ever wear it in public. I ended up giving it to a friend who I thought was just gutsy enough to wear it, but I don’t think he ever did either.

I live in Tucson, and the shirt wearer was in a touring band, so there may have been some cross-pollination going on there. It does sound like a different artist. The one we were treated to was drawn very well.

where2cop the Mandela one?

I have one of the Mr. Nepal ones, courtesy of my uncle. It’s not been worn yet, and I’ve had it several years now…

Thanks for the write up.
Got a bunch more galleries over at also

Bart Simpson bootleg t-shirts were so ubiquitous in the early 90’s that my dad thought the TV show was “The Bart Simpson Show.”

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