Photoshop Request: Statue of a liberty giving the finger

Given lady liberty has her whole ‘I hold my lamp high’ thing and is a symbol welcoming the downtrodden into America?

I want her to abandon the torch and give the finger.

Why stick with an image? 3D print them! Honestly, you’ll make a fortune!


Because I neither have the skill to make a good render nor do I have a printer.

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Ask and ye shall receive:


Why is she giving us the finger? Or are you figuring that because she’s a symbol for the immigrants coming to America, maybe that’s who she wants to fuck off?

I figure that you’re imagining that she’s giving it to the regime in the White House, but it’s not entirely clear. Maybe it might be clearer if Lincoln in his memorial was offering it, since he stares toward the Capitol day and night, or Lady Justice?


The idea was ‘this is the america it looks like the current administration wants to show the world. Pool’s Closed.’

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it’s not what you asked for, but there is this.

I don’t think it was accidental design


Immediately after 9/11, this is what I suggested should happen.


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