Pi as music



astounding! very relaxing.

I notice that if you leave it open in a tab and view a different tab, the tempo is slowed by what sounds like half.

Isn’t π=3.14159__2_6535?

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“How I wish I could enumerate pi…” Yes! You’re right.

My favourite, Euler’s Samba:

Obligatory Kate Bush reference

And here is Pi as poetry: http://round.newbinarypress.com/ - It might be interesting to gather a list of pi-themed art for Pi day next year!

It’s a topic that recurs every “Pi” day - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pi_Day (which day works if you use American date format but not English). I have already seen Pi rendered as a Waltz. Here it is in ABC format, which Folkies use to transfer music. You can download something like ABCExplorer to actually play the tune. Here it is (credited to HD Sarah, who wrote it) :
T: Pi 111 (a Pi Day Waltz)
C: “HDSarah”
B G c| G/d/a2 |A/e/ d B|d3/g/ a|faB|A/B/ g c|eAe|c2B|
BgB/A/|f/a/ d b|A/g/ gc|G/a/f G|e a/B/a| a2 B|f d2|G2 z||
||bdg|A/b/ af|c/a/c c/d/|aA2|B/b/f g|G/e/c b|e A/g/ e|A/b/ g2|
a a/g/e|A/g/b B|c/g/A d/B/|c A/G/ G/f/|bef|a g A/G/|c/g/ b/g/ e/d/|G2 z||

Yes. Yes it is.

And what’s the “Inc.”?

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