Pianist plays "Happy Birthday" in 16 levels of increasing complexity

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Well! She sure is good at pressing buttons.

Me, I’m a drummer. :dark_sunglasses:

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Videos like this makes me realize that I don’t understand music at all, but at least I like listening to it anyway.


Man, I thought it was hard explaining the difference between major and minor keys to non-musicians.


That lady can flat out play!


Watching talented people excel at what they love is an experience that approaches the spiritual.


I thoroughly enjoyed that.


Bah! This is the only music lesson anyone needs:


some years ago one of my parents got my elder sister a wind-up birthday card that played happy birthday betting it would fetch a pretty value today if you kept all junk
the problem comes when you want to show the origin of a story… enter the photo hobbyist… and all the frustrations from collecting your loves lives :slight_smile:

I hate this woman.

I am soooo jealous of her ability.

Never mind it is at least half my fault for not practicing.

/I don’t really hate her.

This video is badasssss

Pianist plays “Happy Birthday” in 16 levels of increasing complexity

17th level: She’s playing it at an ex’s party, and the ex is a sibling of her new employer, and she can’t remember if she was invited.

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