Pick a card, any card, and embark on an urban walking adventure in Los Angeles


embark on an urban walking adventure in Los Angeles

Walking in LA? Sounds perfect – I love fantasy card games…


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I knew I could count on the BB commentariat - somebody said “walk” and “Los Angeles”, and yep, sure, enough, there it is…

I mean really… an obvious joke that everyone’s heard so many times it’s practically an autonomic response, based on some early-'80s pop-culture cliché that hasn’t made sense in decades… how could one resist, after all?

If I say “the Valley”, will you say “Gag me with a spoon”?

Because that shit just never gets old.

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How so?
Typical situation: I am in a gathering of Angelenos and somebody suggests going out to eat at a relatively nearby establishment. When the question of “who is going to drive?” comes up and I deign to suggest walking, the general reaction is as if I just horked up a hairball at their feet… Eventually, after they have all registered their excuses, a small faction of walkers will arise and go separately.
The Angelenos are not totally adverse to walking – they will put on their exercise outfit and go for a stroll with ya, but it is nearly unpossible for them to think of walking to the corner market rather than driving there.

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