Pictorial history of vending machines, from Ancient Greece to today


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I think the weather is a big part of it. Most of the machines I saw on my trips to Japan were drinks machines, and very welcome they were, too, during a day tramping around the city in high humidity and temperature. Other machines seen were cigarette dispensers, a few hot food machines, and even a book machine or two. Never noticed any panty machines, though, used or new.


“used girl’s panties”?

Girl’s used panties is eeeww enough for me, but panties from used girls? I do not like the sound of that, at all!


Pictorial history of vending machines, from Ancient Greece to today

I want to get this just to find out what kind of vending machines they had in ancient Greece. In my experience most vending machines only dispense ancient grease.

And I did once have a fun conversation, via post-it notes, with a number of other anonymous strangers on a vending machine. It started with a request to stock brownies and went in strange directions from there.

It went on for quite a while until restocking day arrived and one of my coworkers told me, “Stay out of the break room. The vending machine guy is pissed.”


If anyone is interested in the Art-O-Mat machines, here are their locations, including one in Austria, one in Hawai’i, and two in Australia: Art-o-mat machines.

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