Vending machine offers artisanal fare, precious marketing buzzwords

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That’s an on-and-off thing since the 1960ies (Fluxus and all that…), but I still like it. Having to create something that fits into a small, confined space can spark off really clever stuff. And putting it in vending machines can bring people in contact with art that would never set foot in a museum or an art galery.


I knew I’d seen this before! Cory posted it on Tumblr!

California vending


So the things are real things? You can really buy them and eat them? Some of them?


Just the thing for tourists to shop for quick gifts on the way home. (Needs a tie-dye shirt.) Hopefully there won’t be problems at customs in Flyoverlandia.

But I wonder what the machine in Kansas City is loaded with? Hmm. DIY Gin Lab?


Your vending machines quote prices excluding tax!?
No wonder you’ll never get rid of the penny!


Needs more artisanal whoopee cushions, vintage squirting flowers, upcycled rubber vomit, and bespoke plastic dog poop.


Nah, vending machine posted prices are what you pay (tax must sanely be included in the calculated price).

I seriously thought this was an “Art” installation or similar just from looking at the picture (and I live in CA [S. CA tho[). “Bone broth kale chips”… “grass fed dog treats”…


I’ve bought dumber shit in stranger ways (before it was cool).

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Please someone send this to Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. It’s seriously a Portlandia sketch waiting to happen.

A vending machine where the dog treats are better than the human treats.

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I bought a shirt that says “Nothing Tips Like A Cow - Ohio” when flying through Dayton International.

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