There's probably an art vending machine near you. What are you waiting for?

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WRT Bisbee, do they still have the haunted mine for Halloween? Used to take the kids there when they were younger (~30+ years ago.)


I enjoy being an Art-o-mat artist. There’s not much return on the labor, but I get to stay busy doing something creative. Every few months I find out everywhere my art has gone. I can officially say that some of my work has been in the Smithsonian.


Looks like District Taco is all in, with locations close to me! I need to check them out. I’m an ex-smoker and I think this is a cool idea!


The Art-O-Mat in the National Portrait Gallery has been out of commission and empty for two years or more now.

There used to be one in the lobby of the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville. Based on the map it’s gone now with only in the entire state, pretty close to each other. Oh well.

I’d really enjoy hearing more about your work.

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My pieces were there in 2018.

It started with the “mini marquetry”.

When that became too time consuming, I switched to wrapped rock pendants.


Years ago I stumbled on an Art-o-mat in Northampton, MA (no longer there, according to the map). I had never heard of them before, and was delighted. I got a patch from a series showing different design movements, mine was Bauhas.

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There is an Art-o-Mat / repurposed cigarette machine in the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento.

It’s a great museum. Should you find yourself in the area ((likely on your way from the SF Bay Area to Lake Tahoe) it’s a nice way to spend a few hours. The current special exhibition is about the Transcendental Painting Group. It’s really stunning.

Along similar lines, The Monkey’s Paw used book store in Toronto has the Biblio-Mat, a repurposed vending machine that will give you a book when you insert a token (I notice the price has gone up dramatically post-COVID). These are not original works of art, though, just random published books, but likely to be just a little odd.

First Art-o-mat I saw was in Chandler AZ (also got dispensed from the one that was working in the Smithsonian). So much in Bisbee worth seeing! Never got to stay at the Shady Dell where the rooms are old Air Streams.

I was just in Vancouver and the funky Paper Hound bookstore has a cig machine that dispensed poetry.

I’ve got a flower twisted from wire on a wooden circle stand. I probably have the artist card that came with it, but darned if I know where I put it.

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