Pie Face – If you get the wrong number, this slapstick comedy game will fling a faceful of whipped cream


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Sounds like delicious fun!




That sounds suspiciously like my game concept, Gochambeau, which I patented (so lay off, Hasbro, or you’re gonna hear from my lawyers!).

It starts with a random 1-10 number generator and a playing card. If your generated number matches the card you pulled, the player to your left gets to kick you in the crotch. Otherwise, you get a point. In my house, if you can make it 10 rounds, you’re excused from one chore. It’s fun for the whole family!


Didn’t you already advertise this?


Mouse trap is another good game of the era. The goal is build a mouse trap that’s a mostly a rube goldburg type device.
Dozens of parts but lot of mechanics.

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