Piece of ice in river forms perfect circle


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Someone almost divided by zero?


I love it when nature shows us how math is integrated into the world.


They're everywhere!


Not math - fairies.


Pinky, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
I think so Brain, but where are we going to get a needle and record big enough at this time of night?


If this is viral marketing for "Signs 2: This Time They're Not Stupidly Vulnerable to a Ridiculously Common Substance" I'll be very disappoint.


I'm not saying that its aliens.... but its aliens.



I'll bet "Rainbow Sprinkler Lady" has something to say about this phenomenon.


Nah, it's a fella named eddy. He comes on turbulent at first, but he's a swirl guy if you give him a chance.

Dear diary, today fluid dynamics saved me from a Signs sequel. Today was a good day.


These formed in Rensselaer County, NY on a very cold day several years ago. They're about a meter across.


It's the Circle of Ice

I don't know, it could be meth fairies...


Looking at the center I'm sure it started out that way, but it appears that much of the outer growth is new ice?


Refrozen snow melt?


It looks like pancake ice, which is a typical stage of ice formation in rough waters.


I don't care to put a dragonbone arrow into that spriggon. It'd probably spawn a daedric quest. I hate daedra.



Awww! But clannfears are so cute!


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