Pink eye is more than one thing


I’m sorry I clicked on “acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis”. Now my breakfast wants to be revisited.

Interesting otherwise.

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Cripes, just looking at that photo of his bloodshot peepers is making my own eyes water.

Technically, it’s an inflammation, not necessarily an infection, though that’s often the case. It can also be caused by allergies or chemical irritants.

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So what you’re saying is, we don’t know for sure that Bob Costas doesn’t have the clap.

That’s what he gets for hanging around Scott Baio.

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I had a boss that gave me pink eye the week he fired me.

It was unpleasant to say the least.

somebody farted on his pillow…
Knocked Up

what about botox? can a bad botox injection leak into your eye and cause something that looks like pink eye?

Looks like somebody put the water on their face…


He must have run out of Evian…

I used to get pink eye when I slept around a lot. Dirty pillows.

After moving to a new city, I got pink eye, then got it again, then again, and again. Eventually my doctor noticed that I got it the same time of year, every year, and concluded it was an allergic reaction. No wonder the antibiotics never seemed to do anything. Now that we know the cause, I can prevent it. I’m glad. I was starting to get sick of the annual tradition of people informing me that I must’ve gotten poop in my eye.


Botox is not a bacteria, but the botulinum toxin created by that bacteria, so no, no it can’t leak into your eye and cause an infection (I used to have Botox injections for migraines… and consequently a creepily expressionless forehead).

That’s not pink eye, children.

I never had pink eye as a child, but I got it briefly a few months ago. Pretty sure it came from the cat my beau keeps feeding on our block. She’s a sweetie, but I wash my hands after petting her now. It itches like the devil.

Ahhh pink eye. The close friend of just about any parent of a toddler that has recently started daycare. Both of my kids gave me pink eye within their first month at daycare. My son gave it to me twice! And yeah, the first thing my doctor told me upon going to see her was “Well, I can prescribe antibiotic drops, but it could be viral so there’s no guarantee they’ll be any help”. And also, trying to get a 1 year old to let you put eye drops in their eye is also no guarantee either.

Marburg virus causes acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis too.

ok, thank you. clearly i know nothing about botox. : )

If Bob Costas reads this thread he’s going to have some serious hypochondria issues.

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