Pink Stuff Cleaning Paste works — just don't eat it

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Great New Taste Sensation~!


I love how these Amazon links are obscured by one-step-removed URLs


I’m waiting on the gluten free version to be released.


Garrett Morris FTW!

Animated GIF


But don’t eat it.

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Well, some of it is potentially useful to us BB readers:

" Localization

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Some of it is creepy:


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Watch out for that aqua.

It didn’t seem to dull the paint.

  • Quartz

Something does not add up here, but you did say “carefully”. Half the ingredients are abrasives.


Acid Red 52

It should be the first ingredient.

Telling people not to eat something is the surest way of ensuring that someone will eat it.

Might I suggest the Pink Solution?

Quartz = sand. I wouldn’t use it on anything shiny & softer than quartz. Baby oil works great for beach tar on your feet; try that, or mineral spirits or charcoal lighter or lighter fluid. Maybe even citrus cleaner/orange oil. Good chance you have one of 'em around the house already.

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Orange oil is our go to for beach tar. Works like a dream, but will strip oil from everything it touches.
But it beats the “go to” of my childhood, which was WD40…

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