Pioneering punk print 'zine Maximum Rocknroll is ceasing publication after nearly 40 years

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As sad as I am that zines like MRR are going away I do not mourn its passing in particular. A lot of its “uncompromising attitude” resulted in general nastiness and “you don’t belong”-ims.


Isn’t that one of the functions of all rock journalism? To tell the reader they aren’t cool enough?

MRR is an unbeatable primary source for punk scenes around the world from 82 on. I’m glad that they are continuing the radio show and to work on their archiving efforts… it’s too bad about the zine, though.


MRR ended up so narrowly focused that it was essentially enforcing an orthodoxy that it officially disdained.

I’m a metalhead. Everyone knows they’re not cool so it’s about as inclusive as it gets. You’ll see grime kids at the back of whatever show you’re at in London. You’re not gonna get sneered at for turning up in a pink hoodie.


By the time I discovered MRR as a kid in the mid-80’s, the hardcore scene was already a parody of itself. While I appreciated MRR’s ethos, at the same time they reminded me of the long-running Grateful Dead magazine “Relix”-- both kind of pigeonholed themselves, backed themselves into a corner by being too strict and dedicated to their respective scenes (the death of Jerry Garcia meant Relix had to adjust its focus to any noodley improvising rock band with a stoner fan base.) I guess that’s OK, it’s like if you are into growing orchids or gladiolas, and subscribe to magazines dedicated to those specific flowers.

As long as The Wire keeps publishing, I’m good.


I just need to know if GG Alain is still dead or not! And what gutter punk has taken up his mantle! How will I know now!


Looks like the April fool’s joke from 1999 is finally coming true :frowning:

…Swedish girl bands or Brazilian thrash or Italian anarchist publications or Filipino teenagers making anti-state pogo punk…

Damn, that’s a lot of kids on my lawn.

Tim Yohannon was a peach.

IIRC MRR came down on the side of Bad Brains in the “infamous” Austin incident

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